Kerry and McCain Introduce Resolution Authorizing U.S. Military Involvement in Libya

Sen. John Kerry (D – Mass) standing next to Sen. John McCain (R – Arizona)

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry and Arizona Senator John McCain introduced a new resolution on Tuesday which endorses limited U.S. military involvement in the NATO military campaign in Libya. The measure is undoubtedly a counter to the rising pressure coming from members of both parties in Congress to cut off military funding for the operation in Libya. Speaker of the house, John Boehner has been an outspoken critic of President Barack Obama’s handling of the operation in Libya, specifically citing that the President has yet to ask for congressional authority as required of him by the Military Powers Act.

Boehner’s position that the president has ignored his duty to ask for congressional approval to participate in the Libyan military campaign is politically clever yet legally incorrect. The military campaign in Libya does not require the president to seek such authorization because it is technically a NATO operation and does not currently involve the deployment of U.S. military combat personnel. Ultimately, the president has not issued a declaration of war and therefore is not currently in violation of any laws. Political posturing aside, however, this does not mean that extending the campaign in Libya any further or expanding the mission is in the strategic national security interest of the United States.

This is not, as some may have you believe, an Obama issue. Nor is this even a partisan issue. This is a corruption issue. There is no strategic advantage being gained through the impending land war in Libya. Yet, is there any doubt that such an expansion of the mission in Lybia will occur? The root of the problem here lies in the military and the special interests which back them. More bombs and more wars mean more money and government spending on bombs and guns which equates to larger profits for the military industrial complex. It is no wonder we provide 75% of NATO funding in order to support an organizati­on which truly no longer has a purpose to exist. McCain and Kerry are just one of the many in Congress willing to accept money from the “Big Defense” lobby in exchange for creating new conflicts in order to create new demand for Lockheed bombs and Boeing Jets.

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